Christina Beran Christina Beran likes making art about anxiety and hanging out with her dog Violet.
Meredith Brindley Brindley is an Australian and American artist who appreciates clever things. She also feels very empathetic towards robots.
Travis Brothers Travis Brothers thinks hes too good for a bio.
Sienna Fleming Sienna Fleming is a video installation artist who loves loops and boxes. She is originally from Roswell, New Mexico.
James Heyes James Heyes (b. 1995), is an animator, sound artist, and 3D sculptor based in Richmond, VA. Enjoys long walks on the beach. Dislikes when people underestimate ‘long’.
M Hill M Hill explores topics related to female trauma and anxiety, and serves to open up a dialogue about problems that are often left undiscussed.
Morgan Hooper Morgan is an animation and video artist whose work reflects heavily on the fact that she's a flaming lesbian. Through her work she explores stereotypes and gender roles within the LGBT community.
Illya Lykhinin Illya Lykhinin is a Russian/Ukrainian artist interested in exploring his cultural identity through his art and often strives to be like the flightless penguin; cute and noble.
Scott Mitsching Scott Mitsching is an American artist from New Jersey, and is interested in the exploration of fluidity and space refracted through modern culture.
Brianna Ondris Brianna Ondris, from New Jersey now living in Richmond VA is interested in artwork that finds the fantastic in the every day. While living in New Jersey she worked at Action Park; which Reddit has claimed as the most “insane water park.” (just saying)
Claudine Reyes Claudine Reyes is a video artist. Her interest in the rules of mathematics fuels her work in an attempt to simplify and deconstruct.
Costantino Toth Costantino Toth is an Italian video and sound artist. He embraces our imminent future as cyborgs with weird beats and samples of yelling.
Nicole Maria Willis Nicole Maria Willis is a writer and video-animation artist who creates self-contained worlds as a way to invite viewers to indulge in escapism.